Have Ideas but Don't See Yourself as a Very Good Builder?

Discussion in 'Minigame Map Suggestions' started by Oreosaurbot, Dec 11, 2016.

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    Not to worry, submit all your map ideas here. Make a post with as much details as possible with all the ideas you have stored in your head and our builders will try their best to make it possible. Also, this section doesn't have to be for our builders, players who would like to build a map but don't have any ideas can get inspiration here to see what types of maps others players from our community want.

    No set format on how we would like you to present your ideas. Just give a clear detailed text, so we can understand and imagine how to make the map.
    If you like, you can add minor details such as:
    - How many players you would like the map to hold.
    - Which mini games you want to see it for.​

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