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Discussion in 'Random' started by Gaygan, May 1, 2017.

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    One of the Co-Owners did a bit of a prank on me. (I am in no way reporting him. It's all fun and games, and didn't hurt anything. He also cleaned it up afterwards, which he didn't have to do.)

    A little thing that made the sound of you dying and doors opening and closing.

    I originally didn't even hear it. My sounds were messed up. I came back in a few hours later and heard it, thinking, "Oh, my sounds area glitched. I'll just relog." I did. 3 times to be exact. Until I realized its probably something that someone built... under.. my.. house???

    I dug around a bit, and found this.

    Again, as I said, we are pretty good friends, and it in no way harmed my land, so not a report, just lots of good fun! ;)
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